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Visualizing ideas.

For every printing process we offer a seamless connection between the design and data set.

Our team will implement all your requirements — starting with the design of the packaging to the layout or adaptation of the design — into perfect printing masters, based on your goals in a cost-efficient way.

Regardless of whether you want us to create a complete master design, or you deliver a final design that we later on adapt for the different types of packaging, all data is optimized for the printing process.

This eliminates waiting times and costs for unrealizable print-technical ideas or tedious changes.

As our print specialists take specific information constantly into account, a fast workflow during the entire pre-press process can be created.


Defining quality.

  • Reviewing the delivered design data for feasibility
  • Developing the master design/ Adaptation of the design
  • Creating style guides
  • Master/final artwork
  • Adaptations based on format, design and language/line extensions
  • Photo composing / Color modifications
  • High-end photo retouching
  • Proofing – GMG (paper and foil) as per the specific machine profile at the printer

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Marc Talmon Gros
Marc Talmon Gros
Marc Talmon Gros

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